3 Things That Could Dent the Effectiveness of Your Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are in high demand these days because they bring a sense of creativity and excitement. They have higher possibilities of making conversions than the traditional explainer videos. No wonder that the vast majority of business owners are drifting towards them. However, mistakes in the production of animated explainer videos can cost you. Your marketing strategy can become a real nightmare with poorly produced animated explainer videos. Here are the mistakes that could dent the effectiveness of your animated explainer videos:

1. Too long animated explainer videos

Many business owners and marketers are tempted to make long animated explainer videos to talk about their product or service comprehensively. While this may be a good idea, it almost always results in abandonment. The new generation of consumers is not ready to sit through a 20 or 30-minute video. Time is a luxury they don’t have. The right animated explainer video should not exceed 2 minutes. In fact, if you can make it 90 seconds, the better.

2. Making animated explainer videos without keeping your target audience in mind

High converting animated explainer videos are always made with the target audience in mind. If you fail on that part, then all your video production effort may just go down the drain. Not only that but also your target audience may perceive your brand in a negative light. When a prospect watches a well-made explainer video, they should instantly know that it’s specially made for them. The animated explainer video should talk about them and reflect their needs. Otherwise, they will tune out. That’s why the background, characters, and theme for your animated explainer videos should be chosen with your target audience in mind.

3. Mediocre quality animated explainer videos can be a death sentence for your brand

An animated explainer video represents your brand, so you cannot make a low-quality one. Producing low-quality animated explainer videos means that you don’t care about your brand, and so, why should potential customers trust you? If you create low-quality animated explainer videos in this day and age, nobody will look at them, and that means loss of business to competitors. If you can’t produce high-quality animated explainer videos, hire a reputable video production company to do it for you.



Making animated explainer videos for your brand is a critical component of your marketing strategy. You should never compromise anything in the process. Some business owners make videos on slim budgets, so they tend to ignore the mistakes mentioned above. Such brands never make it past their first anniversary.



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