The Importance of Call-To-Action in Explainer Videos

The popularity of YouTube has seen it take center stage in social media marketing. That means explainer videos have a huge role in overall content marketing strategy. In the digital age, things happen in a flash. It’s easier than ever for users to hop from one video to another, or search out products, services or information online. That’s why call-to-action is critical to the success of your explainer videos. It helps prospective customers to know the kind of action you need them to take. With that being said, here are the reasons you need to include CTA in your explainer videos:

Call-to-action in your explainer videos makes a 100fold difference

Research by expert marketers indicates that including a strong call-to-action in your explainer videos increases engagement. After reading or listening to a call-to-action, viewers are more likely to like, and comment on your explainer videos, as well as subscribe to your YouTube channel. All these actions can lead to massive conversions for your business.

It’s the dream of every marketer or business owner to know that customers have watched the explainer videos to the end

Business owners and marketers create explainer videos with the aim of having as many prospects as possible to watch them to the very end and take action. It means that when a customer takes action, the marketer has grabbed their attention, engaged them, and given them comprehensive insights about the product or service on offer. This can give the business owner or marketer the necessary impetus to produce more top-notch explainer videos to increase conversions.

A call-to-action in explainer videos can spread word of mouth

Customers tend to buy products or services recommended or talked up by other customers. This phenomenon is called social proof. A simple happy customer can spread the word out there about your product or service, and you may start experiencing tons of customers asking for the same. The cycle can continue until you might not need to market your product or service again. This can be a great boost to your business and bottom-line. Big and sustainable businesses have reached this level because of social proof. That’s why you must take your call-to-actions seriously.


A call-to-action is such a potent tool that you can’t miss it in your explainer videos if you hope to make record sales. The remarkable thing is you can choose different types call-to-action to implement on your explainer videos, such as voice CTA, text CTA or button CTA to beef up your conversions.



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